the Cartier love bracelet makes clear its goal-to open an upscale chain

In the short contact with the upscale hotel, Gucci Europe Cartier Love Bracelet thoroughly understood, at all costs, “pursuit of perfection” is the quality of the people adhere to one of the principles. and taste not only through the price embodiment, but also from the design of the considerate and high quality of perseverance.

By observing the guests and the bags they carry, the Cartier love bracelet makes clear its goal-to open an upscale chain of accessories and equestrian goods stores, and make every effort to bring it to the top of the high society, so that it will become the first choice for people to show their taste. Florence occupies an important position in the history of European art, it has a profound cultural heritage and a long history of handicraft manufacturing, from 1865 to 1871 was the Italian kingdom after the reunification of the provisional capital, handicrafts and textiles are well-known throughout Europe, gold and silver processing, art replicas and other crafts are also well-known. Throughout the ages, Italy and even the European artistic essence has been inherited and developed here, and imperceptibly into the various industries and daily life in Florence, but also for local-filled handmade leather industry, garment industry development JJT a solid foundation. There’s another name in Florence.– “Fei Leng”, by the modern famous poet Xu Zhimo first translation, it seems that more than another ~^ translation of “Florence” more poetic, more rich amorous feelings, also more in line with the temperament of the ancient city.

The start of the Cartier love Bracelet family story

The start of the Replica Cartier love Bracelet family story is similar to that of other luxury brands, such as the founders who are often born in poverty, but are very talented and strong-willed. Ancient Europe Cartier Love Bracelet was born in Italy, is the son of a craftsman in Florence, he and many ordinary locals _ kind, also went abroad to seek development, but his reason for leaving home is somewhat special-only because of quarrel with his brother, then rage left Italy’s home. I do not know his impulsive character is not a Cartier love bracelet family heredity, but also after the Japanese Cartier jewelry family dispute root.

He first went to Paris, then to London, Yincuoyangcha to the food, after several bumps, in a big ship as a chef. The ancient European Cartier love bracelet has a keen eye and a thoughtful mind. He works on the ship is the land of the dignitaries, women jewelry, clothes, men and suits. Cartier Love Bracelet is very ambitious, in the ship’s work, he did not follow the step-by-step to do his own job, but notice the ship’s high guest’s style and luxury, Cartier love bracelet Replica especially concerned about their use of bags. In the suitcase skins made of the fines, the name of the illustrious family is embedded, or the head of the family is patterned. The exclusive style and exclusivity of the family logo became the inspiration for the future Cartier love bracelet design.